ENDOSCOPIC CARPAL TUNNEL PROCEDURE (Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique)

While your treatment method should always be based upon your individual symptoms and the recommendation of your doctor, the endoscopic approach using the state of the art S.E.G-WAY system provides the surgeon with a technique that is minimally invasive using a tiny camera called an endoscope and a set of specially designed anatomy specific guides.

The minimally invasive endoscopic surgery using the S.E.G-WAY™ System has a range of benefits.

The incision is moved outside of the palm and into the wrist crease allowing a faster short term recovery, which includes faster return to work, faster functional recovery of pinch-strength and grip-strength with less short term pain in the palm and palm scar. The decreased pain seen with the endoscopic technique is likely due to the incision not involving the palm, which is more innervated and sensitive than the wrist, and because there is less dissection and soft tissue destruction required to gain access to the transverse carpal ligament. The placement and decrease in scar size allows for a superior cosmetic result.

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